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Narayani Coming to Madrid

Yoga Congress

Narayani at Yoga CongressI told you that I just got back from the International Yoga Congress, but I forgot to mention that I met a lot of old friends from my years as a swami. I felt a special warmth throughout my being to be there with so many long time friends and gurubhais. Sukadev aka Volker Bretz, the director of Yoga-Vidya was a fellow swami when we both served Swami Vishnuji. I have a great respect for Sukadev and more so for his humility in spite of his outstanding achievements of creating the largest Yoga organization in Europe with an Ashram capapble of accomodating comfortably close to 1000 people.


Narayani was also there. She arrived from her recent programs in the USA with her daughter Amari. Narayani gave a very inspiring talk full of beautiful mystical Sufi poetry, life lessons and of course the next day she gave a joyful yoga class to hundreds of attendees from all over Europe.

In Madrid

I reminded Narayani I will be seeing her at her upcoming weekend program November 19, 20, 21 in Madrid. I am sure you won't to miss it either. Narayani becomes more and more a voice of loving kindness and inspiration. She always touches my heart.

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