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What Is Yoga?




Yoga has been growing in popularity over the past decade. As soon as you open Instagram you see these pictures of beautiful fit girls doing all sorts of acrobatics which are like candy for our eyes. They wear the tightest most beautiful outfits from “Alo Yoga”.

An immediate thought creeps into our mind. “OMG yoga looks so nice and relaxing, but I’m totally not flexible enough, as if I could ever touch the floor with my hands while keeping my legs straight”. Good news is, have you ever heard about this fantastic part of the body called knees? I’m sure if you bend them you will be able to touch the ground!

What is Yoga really about?

Where am I going with this? Yoga is defined by breathing and learning more about yourself. It is about closing your eyes and being able to deal with all the noise inside your head. Its about relieving any tensions or pain with every exhale. It’s about knowing and discovering more about each corner of your body. Yoga is energy, that cosmic energy you and I share, which connects us to this wonderful place we call earth. Yoga is compassion, loving yourself, your neighbour and the world. Yoga is Ahimsa, principle of not killing. Yoga is postures, accepting your body’s limitations and working with them. Yoga is being gentle and enjoying the journey of your practice. Yoga is patience. Yoga is consistency. Yoga is not some weird cult, or a hippie lifestyle. Yoga is you, me and us. Yoga is the air we breath and the relationships we create.

Understanding Yoga

So, you finally understand what yoga is? Of course not. You cannot understand what yoga is simply by reading about it on a magazine or by staring at an “influencer’s” photo. To understand yoga, you must be yoga. You must practice what you preach. You need to put your body and soul into it. Yoga is accepting to surrender, giving in to your weaknesses and being able to accept and improve upon them.

Is Yoga for Everyone?

Don’t get me wrong, I do not mean to insult or offend anyone who posts pictures of “cool yoga poses” or considers themselves a “yogi” because they attended that weekly yoga class. I think that the fact that yoga is becoming so popular is amazing. It means the world is changing for better. My objective however, is to make you aware of what yoga is, to maintain its essence and prevent it from becoming marginalized, from becoming a marketing tool.


I encourage everyone to try yoga, and please do not hesitate to contact me if you feel lost as to where to start. But if you do decide to enter the world of yoga, understand what it means, don’t be afraid. Yoga is a wonderful thing but to harvest its crops you need to plant all your seeds.

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