What we are today is the result of what we thought yesterday, and our current thoughts forge our future life. (Buddha)

The General Conditions

Be sure to be punctual. You will be required to attend all classes and activities of the course. Absences must be justified and may not exceed 5% of the course. Be punctual, not just for yourself, but also out of deference with your classmates and teachers.

Course Evaluations

You must obtain a pass to be granted a diploma. The evaluation criteria conform to the standards that the International Association of Yoga Teachers Sananda has set for diplomas and/or certificates. A student who does not achieve a pass will be issued a Certificate of Course Attendance (not suitable for teaching).

During the course, you, the student, will perform as many written and/or practical tests as possible, in order to evaluate your progress adequately.

  • Partials: You, the student, must perform the periodic tests that are proposed and present the work entrusted to you.
  • Finals: Will consist of several written tests and oral and practical expositions.

The evaluation criteria for obtaining the Diploma or Certificate conform to the standards that the Sananda International Association of Yoga Teachers (AIPYS) has set for obtaining such Diplomas or Certificates.

Level of Commitment

Auditing the Course: Each student has the option of waiving all examinations and tests of the courses, knowing that this waiver only gives her the right to obtain a Certificate of Attendance (not suitable for teaching).

If you chose to audit the course you must indicate your choice on the registration form.

Withdrawal from a Course

  1. If the student wishes to leave the course within the first three days of the commencement, you must serve written notice to the teacher in charge of the course within that time. Only in this case, and upon written notice, will you be reimbursed 70% of the price for the remaining classes paid.
  2. Once you pass the aforementioned period of three days, students who do not wish to continue attending the classes should inform their teacher in charge. In this case, and upon written notice, you are only reimbursed 20% of the price of the remaining classes paid.
  3. Students who had left the course and wish to enrole again in the same course (which follows immediately thereafter) will not be required to pay the course deposit.
  4. Monthly Payments: All fees must be paid before the end of the course.
  5. To submit to the final tests, it is essential that all fees have been paid.

The right to this relief is conditional upon the following:

  • The student may not have any outstanding financial debt.
  • This right may be exercised only for the immediately following course. It must be equal to the previously chosen course and only after the course has ended.

Standards of Conduct

In order for a proper yogic discipline, course participants undertake to respect and participate in all activities and comply with the rules laid down for them. Be sure to be punctual. We require your attendance at all classes of the course. Lack of attendance, as well as improper conduct, can result in dismissal from the course.

Clothes & Accessories

We recommend you wear light clothing during the meditations and lectures, and comfortable clothing for practical classes. If you are attending the residential summer training, we recommend that you have shoes for hiking, swimsuit, towel and "flip flops" and everything you need for personal hygiene.

You Need to Bring

  • Comfortable clothes
  • Your own Yoga mat
  • Notebooks
  • Short pants for the Iyengar training courses

Teaching Materials:

This material is only available to the student and in no way to be used or shared with any other individual or legal person for commercial or educational purposes.


We reserve the right to make changes to any of the above without further notice.