Diplomas & Accreditations

A full, intense and exciting course, which really prepares you to take a new start in life.

Choose your Level of Expertise

It's up to you how deeply you want to develop your practice and your teaching:

  1. Yoga Instructor: 200 hours.
  2. Yoga Teacher : 400 hours (200 instructor + 200 teacher).
  3. Advanced Yoga Module 100 hours: 500 cumulated hours.

Advanced Yoga Teacher

After completing a minimum of 400 hrs one can take the advanced yoga teacher modules to complete de 500 hours.

Advanced Modules

The available module formats are: 100 hours.

  • Advanced Vinyasa Flow
  • Advanced Yoga Iyengar
  • Advanced Meditation and Mindfulness

AIPYS Diplomas

AIPYS (Sananda International Yoga Teachers Association) grants certificates and diplomas in different styles of Yoga. It upholds the criteria of the international Yoga community.

Teacher Training Courses (T.T.C.)

The Teacher Training Courses maintain the AIPYS standards and are not subject to any other entity.

Yoga Alliance Registrations

Graduates of any AIPYS Diploma may register with the USA or UK Yoga Alliances for the 200, 300 and/or 500 hour levels.