Study Plan

Providing the fundamental bases of practice, psychology and pedagogy necessary for the teaching of yoga.

Study Areas

In the yoga teacher training courses the trainees are expected to:

  • Have a regular practice. At home and taking classes.
  • Have time to do homework.
  • Practice teaching in groups with co-students.
  • Attend all course sessions.
  • Prepare earnestly for the final exams.

Regular Practice

In order to become a good yoga teacher you must first be a good practitioner.

  • Following each class one must work on the exercises that were addressed during the class. This is how one incorporates the techniques in oneself and be truly ready for the next class.
  • One should also carry on with their general yoga practice. To connect intimately with each posture and exercise.
  • The trainees should also attend some classes. This is essential to make progress in the practice and pedagogy.


Each teacher assigns tasks to complete at the end of their class.

Besides the practice outlined above the trainees must do some reading, answer some quizzes, and write summaries.

To derive the maximum benefits from the course make sure you will be able to dedicate enough time to the practice and the homework study.

Teaching Groups

For the majority of students this is the most fun part of the process.

  • The trainees can give feedback to each other about their teaching skills.
  • The teacher apprentices also learn to verbalice everything they already know.
  • Adjusting and correcting students is a big part of becoming a good yoga teacher. These sessions are crucial to that effect.
  • Teaching co-students provides a safe environment to express themselves freely and alleviate any fear of public speaking.


One reason the AIPYS teachers are so valued throughout the Spanish speaking world is the high standards we hold ourselves to as well as our trainees.

We could not possibly issue diplomas to students who are not attending 100% of the classes no matter which format you choose.

There are major life events which constitute exceptions to the rule above but they are few and far between.

Exam Preparation

The final exams amount to a review of the whole course. Its main goal is for the students to realice how much they know already.

Each exam is just a formality for the keen student who followed diligently the steps above during the course.

Dilettante trainees find it very difficult to pass the final exams but serious students who apply themselves pass with near certainty.

Teaching and Mentoring

Each course will consist of a teaching team as well as assistant trainer. Senior Trainers teach different subjects following a program previously stipulated and structured. The assistant trainers will be your reference person and support figure for your group during your training period.

Both the course faculty and assistant trainer, will always be available for any clarification you may need.