Buddhist Meditation

The secret of health for the mind and body resides in: not lamenting the past, not worrying about the future and not anticipating the problems; living in the present moment, seriously and wisely. (Buddha)

Theory and Practice of Buddhist meditation

The introduction to the theory and practice of Buddhist meditation in its original historical context is a dialogue with later developments in both East and West. Explaining the doctrinal and spiritual aspects associated with Buddhist meditation as it appears in the oldest texts of Buddhism in the Pali language. Although the Pali Canon has been preserved by the Theravada Buddhist tradition that predominates South and Southeast Asia with more than one hundred million followers.

Some interesting topics of this tradition:

  • History of Buddhism
  • Brief History of Buddhist meditation
  • Buddhist response to religious diversity and its current relevance
  • Cultural and religious context of Buddhist meditation
  • Sutra on the Four Establishments of attention
  • Sutra on Mindfulness of Breathing
  • Mindfulness practice yesterday and today
  • The place of meditation in Buddhist practice
  • Forms of Buddhist meditation
  • Meditations to cultivate beneficial mental states

The Expert on this tradition is Dr. J. Abraham. Vélez de Cea author of the book "In the Buddha's words" publish by Wisdon Publications inc.

Dr. J. Abraham. Vélez de Cea is a member of the advisory board of Yoga Center Madrid