Tension is being who you think you should be, relaxation is being who you are. (Chinese Proverb)

At your level

The different levels of classes are suitable for most students. class schedule and the variety of styles we offer, you can also receive personalised teaching. Ask about our private classes.

Beginners Hatha

introductory classes

If you do not have an elementary guidance or believe you need to start slowly the dynamics of a class, we recommend that you participate in introductory classes.

You will be able to practice the sequence of the style of your choice in a beginners class.

Once you establish a foundation practice, you can move on to our daily classes. You will start them with a solid background and thus move forward in the practice more quickly and safely.


Reconnect with yourself, with your body, your mind, your breath, the method and the tradition. If you've had to pause the practice for a while or just want to create a habit and pick it up from scratch, we offer guided classes for mindful and inspiring practice. We will create constancy, commitment and confidence to advance to a better physical, mental and emotional state.

The basic level of this classes will allow you to take your time and understand how is the practice of the postures for you, the detail, the explanation and the space that you receive in the class will allow you to enjoy it and adapt it to your condition.

A gift for your senses that will transport you to the present and allow you to explore a practice of self-discovery.

Ashtanga basic

Ashtanga vinyasa yoga basic classes

This is a stimulating, challenging and demanding style, they are classes to learn and improve, to grow and feel, to merge with the asanas and dance with the breath.

Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga is a dynamic yoga that synchronises movements and breathing chaining one position with another.

The fundamental elements in their practice are the Ujjayi breathing (deep with sound), the bandhas (energetic closures) and the drishti (point at which the gaze is fixed).

It is important to learn the order of the postures slowly, adding more as your practice progresses, always respecting the rhythm of your body. Starting the road and enjoying it is more important than being more or less close to the goal.

Vinyasa Flow basic

Vinyasa Flow basic classes

In Vinyasa Flow you will string sequences of postures that will allow the creativity to the teacher. The practice of Vinyasa flow builds yoga from the base, growing and increasing the difficulty until reaching a peak, as if we climbed a mountain and when reaching the top yo will come slowly back to the base.

All the postures we hold with the body are connected through rhythmic breathing, increasing your strength and energy.

Deep breathing creates a relaxing effect on the body and the mind.

As the practice and the practitioner progress, the asana sequences will also advance by increasing your strength, flexibility and coordination.


This class is open to all levels, the practice is comfortable, adaptable and very enriching, a true form of practice and enjoy yoga.

A gift for your senses that will transport you to the present and allow you to explore the multiple depths of the experience of a class through a practice of self-discovery.

A level class suitable for all levels. .


The moment to discover the various layers of being from your mat, to embark on a fascinating journey inwards from the outside.

An occasion to draw poetry with your body, your breathing and your mind.

This class level is for those students who begin with a previous practice experience and for those who wish to refine their practice.


A practice that makes you move like the rushes of rivers: flexible, malleable, adaptable. In this exciting journey the mind opens up, without attachments, without worries, only flowing in the dynamism of the practice.

This level is for dedicated students who have a good level of practice.