Do not go outside, come back to yourself. Look inside, discover the wonderful flow that is deep within you, there is the truth. (St. Augustine)


I’ve never talked to a therapist or anyone else. I usually handle things on my own. Aren't those who get therapy weak?

Not really. Asking for help shows insight and strength. We all need help sometime. You have strengths that helped you manage problem issues before, and somehow, they are not working now. Perhaps you’re going through a new experience that seems overwhelming- making it difficult to use your current coping skills. In our work together, I will help you identify your strengths and the skills to build upon, and show you how to use them in your current situation.

How is it different between talking to you than talking to my best friend or spouse?

The difference is between talking to someone who is trained and experienced to listen professionally. A professional psychotherapist can help you to understand your situation in a new way. I can teach you new skills, new perspectives. I can listen to you openly without judging you, and help you listen to yourself. A psychotherapist can be more objective than your family or friends. Furthermore, therapy is confidential; talking to a professional can give the confidence to open up with yourself about making important changes.

What about taking medication?

Medication may help you. You and I can explore the option together, but medication by itself can't solve all your issues. Medication treats symptoms; your work with me is designed to investigate the underlying causes in your behavior and teach you strategies that can help you with your personal and/or relationship goals.
Medication can help manage symptoms and soothe overall discomfort, however, medication is just one of many tools that may be needed and it is usually more effective in conjunction with therapy.

How does it work in therapy sessions?

Because persons come to therapy for different reasons and goals, it will be different for everyone. I will tailor my approach in each session to you and your special needs.

How long will it take?

I can not answer that here. Everyone’s situation is unique and the length of time therapy may take for you to accomplish your goals depends on your commitment for personal change, and what is motivating you to undergo therapy to begin with.

How can I get the most out of therapy?

It is admirable that you want the most out of your sessions. Your collaboration and commitment is central to your success. You will only see me for a short time each week. As well as commiting to therapy, it’s what you do between sessions that will really make the difference in your development.

What can I expect?

Expect to learn about yourself, your needs, and how to care for them.
Expect to be open and honest your therapist and yourself.
Expect to be open to new ideas; and to use new strategies for the stress in your life.
Expect to be challenged in a supportive environment.
But mostly, expect to be listened to with compassion and respect for your privacy, your story, and your needs.