Madhana tells this story "A disciple addresses his teacher and says: 'Teacher, you live so many difficulties and hardships and I always see that you are happy and positive. How is that possible?'. 'You will see,' said the Master, 'when I get up in the morning I ask myself, what do I choose today, sadness or joy? And I decide to choose the joy '".


The director/founder of the Sananda Yoga Center Vigo, Spain. He is a student of Eastern philosophies, modern techniques for personal growth, psychoneuroimmunology and mind-body connection. He maintains a close relationship with the great masters with whom he has studied and who has interviewed, as well as with renowned researchers in the field of mind-body health.

Trainer of trainees in Yoga

He has trained thousands of Yoga students in India, Spain, Canada, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile and Brazil among other places.

He often directs symposia, meetings and seminars on the scientific, medical, philosophical and educational aspects of Yoga.

Tireless Traveler

He has studied in India at the University of Mysore with Professor Ramachandra. He is a member of the Scientific Medical Nework based in England and other institutions.

E-RYT 500 Yoga Alliance.

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