Yoga Iyengar Upgrade

Intensive complementary training, advanced deepening. Aimed at students who have obtained the Iyengar Yoga Teacher or Postgraduate Diploma Aipys.

Ramón Clares

Saturday November 09, '24 at 09:00 AM

Teacher: Ramón Clares

Ramón Clares is director of Iyengar Yoga training . Ramon is free of any Guru bonds. He directs the Teacher Training Courses in Iyengar Yoga (Instructor, Teacher, Post-Graduate and Upgrade course) of the Sananda International Association of Yoga Teachers (AIPYS).

Yoga Iyengar Upgrade

Advanced deepening intensive complementary training.


  • 09 - 10 November / 2024
  • 05 - 06 April / 2025
  • Schedule

    • Saturday 09:00 - 18:00
    • Sunday 09:00 - 15:00

    Price per weekend

    • 198,00 €

    For more information , call Ramón at 636 50 44 39


    To make your experience more satisfactory, please remember the following:

    • to bring or wear appropriate clothing for the practice
    • to eat lightly and at least an hour or two before the workshop
    • to please arrive 15 minutes before the workshop begins, thus allowing time for you to change, checkin and find your place so that the workshop can begin on time for everyone without interruptions.
    • You will need a mat, 2 belts, 1 small towel and a bottle of hydroalcoholic gel.