Advanced Meditation 1


Course: Advanced Meditation: Course 1

Code: MD-0


Level: 0

Hours: 27

Language Course: Spanish

Where:Yoga Center, Madrid, Spain

Course starting time:

Course Content

Nine Meditation Workshops of 3 hours each on Saturday mornings from 11:00 to 14:00. The course is progressive (missing a session is not advisable), with a total of 27 hours. A Certificate of attendance is awarded upon completion.

Aimed at students who wish to start a regular practice and maintain this personal commitment.

You'll find a highly structured meditation, based on non-sectarian procedures, following a developmental process.

The First Course will address specific resources, in body and mind, with the aim of improving and transforming your own life experience.

Each workshop combines theory and practice.


  • 1st session: General principles for the meditator . The involvement . Relaxation. The information and objects of attention.
  • 2nd session: Spaces. The boundaries of the practice and its internal and external address.
  • 3rd Session: A rediscovered life. The experience and ballasts, statements and judgments. The value of psychophysical adjustment.
  • 4th session: The view and new habits. Delivery to objects of experience.
  • 5th session: The experience of body and the experience of mind.
  • 6th session: Spiritual experience and spiritual spaces.
  • 7th meeting: The spaces of freedom and mystery of our subject and we object.


General Information

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Course Prices

Payment in full

If you pay after 15 of September, 2016:

  • Total: 512 €

If you pay before 15th of September, 2016:

  • Total: 486 €

Course Reservations

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Amounts can be paid by cash, money order, credit card or bank transfer to:

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