Our quality seal

Comprehensive Training

What makes our Yoga Teacher training a benchmark, is its overall quality, such that our graduates are the most sought after.

Practical and Incisive

In addition to the intense and rigorous theoretical and practical training in the wisdom teachings of the yogic tradition, our graduates, are both skilled and discriminating. professionals

I want to say a huge "thank you" for the training. It really did set me up well for teaching. ... The training was a fantastic base.

Francesca Stutely, Class of 2005/6

Turning your Calling into a Career


One of the pillars of our training is its focus on the "teaching" of Yoga in addition to the practice. This enables you to communicate, clearly and accuraqtely when you teach. You will develop all aspects of teaching:

  • Vocabulary
  • Voice
  • Pace of the class
  • How to make body adjustments
  • The student's specific condition
  • Variations and adaptations needed

These are some of the fundamental skills that that differentiate our teachers.

A Family of Styles

In our training we address the different styles with the integrity that each deserves; but, with the conviction that all are different manifestations of an ancient tradition.

HathaYC, IyengarYC, and Asthanga are different perspectives on Yoga that adapt to all sorts of people regardless of motivation or personal limitations.

Essence of the Tradition

We take special care in understanding the origin and development of the Yoga tradition. We have a deep respect for and knowledge of the tradition. The cultural dimensions give personality to each practice. However, we incorporate all that modernity offers.