It is difficult to find happiness within oneself, impossible to find it anywhere else. (Arthur Schopenhauer)

The meditation

Firstly, the object of meditation or the ultimate goal is to discover your true inner silence.

The state of conscious relaxation is Meditation; prolonging that state in the comfort and stillness of a posture suitable for the body or in the activity of our daily life, is the goal of our sessions and exercises. It is about opening a new perspective that is deeply rooted in the calm and serenity of our body and our mind.


Meditation is a practice that is intended to still our inner world and create harmony between the individual and her world. It is a practice that spans religions and secular traditions. Meditation has a place in all the major cultural traditions of the world. There exist many alternative meditation practices to cope with the turbulence in our lives. But it is very difficult to answer the simple question- what is meditation? - because meditation spans so many traditions.

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