Iliana De Santiago

Iliana De Santiago

I studied and graduated from AIPYS, in order to deepen one of my passions, Yoga.

At first, my motivation was to know, from within, this beautiful way of life; over time, I have been increasingly interested in the possibility of transmitting the knowledge acquired in the School where I trained, continuing my learning through the development of each of the people who come to to practice and enjoy yoga, this path of self-knowledge.

With more than ten years practicing in different schools, with teachers of different styles and in each of the places where I have lived, in Spain, as well as in Ireland, Mexico and Ecuador, I have a broad and respectful view towards the different forms of understanding yoga, personal experiences, conflicts and life in general.

People and my direct work with them, in different areas, has been and continues being another of my passions that I exercise at the moment.

To unite my passions, I now approach people through yoga and from their temple, the body. I began as a teacher with great enthusiasm and respect, where I will continue to practice and learn from day to day.

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