Restorative Yoga Modules - Online

Chrystiani Mensoni

Friday September 16, '22 at 09:00 AM

Teacher: Chrystiani Mensoni

Chrystiani, a creative specialist of the Iyengar and Hatha Yoga styles. Chrystiani is also offers her faculty and very interesting workshops on different aspects of yoga.

Restorative Yoga Modules

Restorative yoga is a gentle form of yoga that uses props and induces deep mental and physical relaxation. It is a kind and caring practice.

The Practice of Restorative Yoga provides deep relaxation and can complement a conventional yoga practice. Alternating a more physically demanding regular practice with a Restorative practice helps restore muscles and joints. It alleviates fatigue in general and favours the restoration of areas of the body where we require more attention in certain positions.

This practice acts directly on the parasympathetic nervous system that is responsible for producing and restoring body energy. Thus, regular practice helps restore balance to body and mind.

Restorative yoga assists in the alignment of the asanas with the help of supports; spaces are created without effort; and, the mind remains passive and calmly alert. The spaces produced by this practice will be filled by deep and comfortable breathing.

1st module

  • Breathing and the back

2nd module

  • Hips and extensions

The module will conclude with a short meditation.

Dates & Schedule

The course includes two modules with a total of four hours.

  • February 13
  • March 27


  • Saturdays from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
  • Prices the two modules

    • The entire intensive: 100,00 € €
    • 15 days before the date: 84,00 €

    Payment methods

    Take advantage of the favorable early prices, full payment must be received before the cut off date.

    Amounts can be paid by bank transfer to:

    Account number: ES50 2100 2125 0302 0054 9420

    Note: On the bank transfer you must indicate your name and the course that you are taking.