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Atheism and agnosticism

Confusion of Terms

There seems to be confusion between the meaning of atheism and agnosticism. Agnosticism deals with your knowledge on a subject; atheism describes a lack of belief in deities. These terms are not mutually exclusive.If you don't  know whether gods exist, you are agnostic. It simply means "without knowledge."


Agnostic Atheist

You can be an agnostic atheist (I don't know, but I don't believe in gods).

Agnostic Theist

You can be an agnostic theist (I don't know, but I do believe in god/s).

Gnostic Atheist

You can be a gnostic atheist (I know that god/s do not exits).

Gnostic Theist

A gnostic theist claims, "I believe in god and I know he exists".

Free Thinker

For a much deeper analysis of the different belief/epistemological combinations and a very useful graphic representation see tha Free Thinker.


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