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grab a pencil.


When I was in college, i read an article on Dr. James Pennebaker, psychology professor at the University of Texas, who claims that writing 20 minutes a day can improve your health.  Since reading the article almost 6 years ago, I have been writing off and on as Pennebaker instructed.  Writing helps clear my mind, organize my thoughts, and allows me see how I handle situations.  A lot of times if we are thinking about something excessively we have the same exact thought over and over. (I call it broken record thinking). Writing about that 'something' can allow you to find a way to change your habitual, 'broken record' thoughts. It moves the mind forward constructively allowing more space for new, positive thoughts.  Click here for the article.    


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Wednesday June 08, '11 at 01:13 PM


I have used Pennebaker's 'writing cure' techniques for more than 10 years not only for myself but I have shared it with my psychotherapy clients. I have also taught the technique in workshops in Europe.

Both Pennebaker and D. M. Wegner, who wrote "White bears and other unwanted thoughts", advanced our understanding of thought suppression. Their evidence changed my approach to teaching meditation and to dealing with obsessive tendencies.

You might find " ironic process theory" interesting. See the following to start:

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